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cutegirlsdoingcutethings replied to your post: Hiatus!

You can have multiple blogs on one account. tumblr.com/docs/en…

I did see this, but it seemed like I would get distracted with 2 blogs. Maybe in the new year I will have more time and come back to this though :3

I’m sure I wont be able to stay away too long ^_^


I’m sorry everyone, but I wont be updating this blog for quite some time. I’ve got a new tumblr which focuses on my main interest (addiction), which is idols (mostly AKB48 and their sister groups), I don’t have the time to be avtive on 2 accounts so sadly that means no more posting here T_T

I will probably end up following a lot of you on that blog because you guys are amazing and I love logging in to see such a great feed. I just can’t keep up with the posts any more, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me, and perhaps come follow my new blog if you like cute Japanese girls? :3

Here’s my new account anyway, any follows would be appreciated! <3